Above + Beyond 2021

Above + Beyond 2021

ABOVE + BEYOND is an opportunity for us as a House to give ABOVE what we normally give to go BEYOND where we would normally go. To dream beyond our borders and meet new opportunities God brings, we must continue to give above our budgeting requirements. In Scripture, we are called to bring our tithe (the first fruit of our income) into the storehouse for the work.

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Above + Beyond 2021
  • Because We Can

    As we kick off our ABOVE + BEYOND season, Pastor Louie Giglio reminds us that generosity isn't an obligation for our House, it's the proper response and the part we are being asked to play in the larger story of God.

  • Timeless > Temporary

    Continuing in our ABOVE + BEYOND season, Pastor Ben Stuart challenges our House to live generous lives compelled by faith in the midst of difficult days instead of being driven by fear.

  • Above + Beyond Sunday

    Pastor Louie Giglio closes out our ABOVE + BEYOND series with a message on how God is pleased with our faith alone. "The thing that moves the heart of God is faith."

  • Faith that Perseveres

    Continuing in our ABOVE + BEYOND series, Pastor Brad Jones shares how we can have faith that perseveres by journeying through the letter of Philippians.

  • Partnership in the Gospel