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  • Forgiveness is for Everyone

    In Luke 15, Jesus tells a story to help people understand that God’s grace and love are greater than the mistakes we’ve made. Jesus wants us to know that “Forgiveness is for everyone,” in the same way the son needed forgiveness from his father in this story.

  • A Heart of Forgiveness

    Today, we’re going to talk through a parable in Luke 15, where Jesus tells a story about a father and his two sons. Did you know that you can have “A heart of forgiveness,” like the father in this Bible story and our Heavenly Father?

  • Jesus Showed Us How to Forgive

    In this episode, we’re going to talk about someone who was one of Jesus’s good friends, Peter. Peter made a few mistakes in his friendship with Jesus, but Jesus had compassion towards Peter. You see, through Peter and many others, “Jesus showed us how to forgive.”

  • Forgiveness Comes Through Jesus

    In this episode, we’ll discuss that “Forgiveness comes through Jesus!” Through Jesus’s finished work on the cross, Jesus not only made the Way for us to have true forgiveness but also eternal salvation–a brand new life forever with God!