Still Standing

Still Standing

The great question of life and of many who struggle to believe in Jesus is this: “If God is good, why do bad things happen?” It’s likely you or someone you love has asked this question in the face of a storm, diagnosis or long-lasting trial. Mercifully, in His great grace and sovereignty, God saw fit to include this question and its answer in Scripture. The book of Habakkuk gives us permission to not only ask God how long we and the world will suffer, but to also expect His answer. In Still Standing, Pastor Louie Giglio unpacks Habakkuk’s bold questions and God’s faithful answers. On this 5-week journey, we’ll see God’s purposes in our suffering, anchor in the trustworthiness of His plans, and learn the power of the revival prayer Habakkuk demonstrates. Life is short and the days are long, but God will still be standing in the end. By His power, we’ll be standing in Him, too.

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Still Standing
  • I Will Stand

    No matter the challenges we face in our lives, God allows us to scale the heights if we put our trust in Him. Join us as Pastor Louie Giglio kicks off this series, Still Standing.

  • Hind's Feet on High Places

    In part two of our series, Still Standing, we learn about how arming ourselves with the armor of God allows us to climb, and stand atop, the heights we've been called to no matter what comes our way.

  • The Last Word

    No circumstance is going to define your future. With the promises of God in your heart and the sword of His Word in your hand, you can climb to the heights with confidence that God is in control. Join us as Pastor Louie Giglio takes us through a practical bible study in Habakkuk.

  • Revival Prayer

    When things were on the decline, Habakkuk prayed. May that be our first response to whatever comes our way... “in wrath, remember mercy.”

  • Where Revival Prayer Begins

    We are all looking to make a difference, to step into the places God has called us and be a part of something worthy of the title Revival. But where do we start? Where does revival really begin? In the last part of our series, Still Standing, Pastor Louie Giglio leaves us with four questions we c...