This Changes Everything!

This Changes Everything!

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This Changes Everything!
  • I Was Made to Follow God

    This week, we are going to talk through a conversation God had with a man named Moses. In this conversation, Moses realized who God was and that he was made to follow God’s ways! Just like Moses was made to follow God, we are too. We will discuss the bold statement: “I was made to follow God!”

  • In Jesus, I Am a Child of God

    This week, we’re going to talk about a woman who showed her love to Jesus. This woman understood that Jesus was the only way to forgive her sins and was the way to be a part of God’s family forever. The same is true for us today, and it changes everything! We’ll discuss the bold statement: “In Je...

  • I Can Have a Relationship with God

    In this episode, we’re going to talk about a man named Paul. One day, Paul told the Church that through Jesus, they could be made right with God! By looking at Paul’s statement in Colossians 1:21-22, we’ll discover a truth that God has spoken over us and how it changes everything! Together, we’ll...

  • I Am Seen and Heard by God

    In this episode, we’re going to hear all about how God saw and heard His people, the Israelites. Through our Big Idea, we’ll discover that just like the Israelites, we can each believe this bold statement: “I am seen and heard by God.”

  • I Am Loved by God

    In this story, we’re going to talk about one of the Israelites named Moses. God worked through Moses to rescue His people out of slavery. Through rescuing the Israelites, God showed the Israelites how much He loved them. In fact, God showed the Israelites over and over again how much He loved the...

  • I Was Made to Worship God

    This week, we’re going to discuss a man named Saul. When Saul met Jesus, Jesus changed everything for him! Saul realized that his life wasn’t meant to bring worship to himself but to bring people to Jesus. The same thing is true for us today! Together, we’ll learn the bold statement: “I was made ...

  • In Jesus, I am a New Creation

    Join us! We’re going to discuss a time Jesus healed a man who was blind in his sight and in his heart. When the man encountered and was healed by Jesus, it changed everything! The man realized that in Jesus, he was a new creation. Just like the man in today’s story, the same is true for us today!