To the Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the Earth

A series on the book of Acts. Taking the Gospel to the ends of the Earth is an all-in mission, requiring an all-in church, and an all-in church requires an all-in you.

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To the Ends of the Earth
  • The Greatest Day on Earth

  • A Faith That Doesn't Quit

  • Prayers for a Bold Church

  • May I Have Your Attention

    This is the plan.
    The gospel is the message.
    The Spirit is the power.
    There is still A LOT to be done.

  • No Other Name

    Have you ever asked the question, how can a loving God send people to eternal separation just because they never got the chance to hear? Consider this, maybe the greater question is how can I know the kindness of God and live my life without doing all in my power to share this message with every ...

  • You Were Made for This

    As we continue our series, "To The Ends of The Earth," CEO and President of Operation Mobilization, Andrew Scott joins us to remind us of history's most successful evangelists, and our opportunity to join the story of God worldwide.

  • Worth Dying For

    As we wrap up our series "To the Ends of the Earth," we all have to ask ourselves, what do we consider worth spending our life doing, and potentially giving our life for? Pastor Louie Giglio helps us see the biblical answer to these questions from Paul's perspective found in his letter to Timothy.